Best computer speakers of 2020 based on design and performance.

Blast the beats with these design forward computer speakers with impressive lasting sound.

Enhance your digital media consumption with these uniquely designed computer speakers. Whether it’s music, movies or video games these will make the experience better on many levels.

Make a ‘sound’ investment and bring your media to life.

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Top 8 Computer Speakers of 2020.

1. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

2. Razer Nommo Pro

3. Creative Pebble Plus

4. Edifier M3200 2.1 Multimedia Audio Speaker System

5. Edifier Luna E

6. Logitech Z625

7. Logitech G560

8. AudioEngine HD3 Wireless Speakers

1. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

Showcased at the MoMA, this design by an Apple industrial designer has been recognized internationally.

Weight: 2.04kg | Size: 10in x 2x satellites; 10.8in x 9in subwoofer | Drivers: four 1-inch full range transducers | Supported Connectivity: none | Audio Inputs: 3.5mm jack | Outputs: none

• Futuristic translucent design

• Tons of bass power

• Limited controls

• Piece of art

These translucent computer speakers are literally a modern art installation and yes, the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III may look like a blooming jellyfish, but you’ll appreciate them once you hit that power button. These are certainly an excellent speaker system that belong on our best computer speakers list. This speaker and sub combo features booming bass, thanks to its woofer, as well as detailed highs. Finally, you get that amazing sound at a good price, making it ideal for music fans with a mid-range budget.

2. Razer Nommo Pro

The cylindrical design that surrounds you with sound

Weight: 27.6 lbs | Drivers: Down-firing woofer, 0.8-inch silk dome tweeters, 3-inch full range drivers | Supported Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 | Audio Inputs: USB, Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm stereo mini-jack | Outputs: 3.5mm

• Fantastic sound quality

• Amazing options and additional features

• Expensive

The Razer Nommo Pro may have an amusing name and a uniquely headlight look, but make no mistake, these are a quality set of speakers that must be taken very seriously, and not only because of its hefty price. Try to combat the urge to run in the opposite direction of that $500 US price tag, the Razer Nommo Pro has a lot to offer and is definitely a sound investment. There’s the thundering down-firing subwoofer that’ll blow you away, and then there’s the Razer Chroma feature, making these speakers look just as great as they sound. There are definitely more reasonably priced computer speakers out there, but with this level of quality, the Razer Nommo Pro is worth the cost of entry.

3. Creative Pebble Plus

Clever pebble design, great sound for less!

Weight: 0.30kg left, 0.34kg right, 1.05kg sub | Size: 4.8 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches (satellites), 5.9 x 7.7 x 8 inches (sub) | Drivers: 2-inch full range speakers driver | Supported Connectivity: none | Audio Inputs: 3.5mm stereo mini-jack | Outputs: none

• Very affordable

• Quality sound for the price

• Unique design

• Only 3.5mm input

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a good set of computer speakers. For the budget-conscious consumers, Creative’s Pebble Plus is more than good enough for the job, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a film fantastic. This 2.1 speaker system, which consists of two far-field drivers angled at a 45-degrees and a down-firing subwoofer, may not be audiophile quality, but it produces great sound for how much it costs. It delivers good highs, mids and lows, and it does a great job minimizing distortion at loud volumes.

4. Edifier M3200 2.1 Multimedia Audio Speaker System

Audiophile quality for cheaper

Weight: 5.3Kg | Size: 2.91 x 11.1 x 3.5in | Drivers: Subwoofer with 5½ inch driver | Supported Connectivity: none | Audio Inputs: 3.5mm jack | Outputs: Headphone jack

• Affordable

• Great sound quality

• Base distorted at highest level

Edifier has always been a trusted name in audio, so it’s no surprise that it’s making a two-time appearance on this list. Just like the E25 Luna Eclipse, the Edifier M3200 comes in a unique form – that of an hourglass – because why the heck not? And, just like the E25, this audio speaker system boasts audiophile-level sound. It also comes with a magnetically shielded subwoofer with 5½ inch driver for richer, deeper bass whether you’re gaming or watching The Witcher. What’s more, that price that’s less than $100/£100 is perfect for budget gamers.

5. Edifier E235 Luna E

Futuristic-looking beauties with an even more gorgeous sound

Weight: 3.6kg | Size: 4.8in x 8.35in x 8.74in | Drivers: 8-inch woofer, ¾-inch silk dome tweeter, 3-inch full-range bass driver (satellites) | Supported Connectivity: Bluetooth | Audio Inputs: Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack | Outputs: USB port for charging, headphone jack

Gorgeous design

Excellent overall sound quality

A bit bass-heavy

The Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse is already a staggering speaker setup that not only has an enticing design, but also sounds terrific. The Luna, which comes in red, white and black colors, offers a powerful but well-controlled bass, as well as great balance with sharp mids and good stereo separation. It even includes a nifty little remote control so you don’t have to get up if you’re feeling lazy. Add the 5.8G subwoofer, connected wirelessly at a 5.8GHz radio frequency, and you’ve got yourself an impressive 2.1 system that’s among the best computer speakers in 2020

6. Logitech Z625

Unstoppable bass

Weight: 850g left, 900g right | Size: 4.6 in x 7.7 in x 4.9 in (left), 4.6 in x 7.7 in x 5.3 in (right) | Drivers: 7-inch woofer, 2.5-inch full range drivers | Supported Connectivity: none | Audio Inputs: 1 x optical, 2 x 3.5mm jack, 1 x RCA | Outputs: 1 x Headphone jack

• Can get pretty loud

• Affordable

• No wireless connectivity

• Sound quality could be better

Logitech proves its peripheral prowess once again with this 2.1 computer speaker system. The Logitech Z625’s bass is booming, making it perfect for PC gamers who need that rumble when gaming or watching blockbusters. And, it’s got a fair wealth of ports for whatever type of connectivity you need. As with many computer speakers out there, the satellites lack a bit of the high end. There is also some distortion at the highest volumes. But, turn it down to around 75%, and the sound quality is terrific. Not too shabby for a speaker system that’s less than $200.

7. Logitech G560

An RGB light show

Weight: 1.79kg left, 1.79kg right, 5.5kg sub | Size (Satellites): 5.8 x 6.5 x 4.6 inches | Size (Sub): 15.9 x 10 x 8.1 inches | Drivers: 6.5-inch subwoofer, 2-inch tweeters | Supported Connectivity: USB, 3.5mm, Bluetooth | Audio Inputs: USB, 3.5mm stereo mini-jack | Outputs: Headphone

• Brilliant RGB lighting

• DTS surround technology

• Expensive

When it comes to computer accessories, Logitech is a household name. However, the G560 takes the company’s speaker prowess up a level. These are the first Logitech computer speakers created specifically for gaming, and the manufacturer’s hard work has more than paid off. The Logitech G560 speakers are, without a doubt, one of the best computer speakers for gaming. Not only do they have RGB lighting – a must for gaming peripherals in 2020 – but through Logitech’s software, the multi-colored illumination can adjust to any kind of content you consume for a more brilliant, not to mention mesmerizing, experience.

8. AudioEngine HD3 Wireless Speakers

Top-notch audiophile sound, wirelessly

Weight: 1.8kg left, 1.5kg right | Size: 11.6″ x 11.75″ x 8.8″ | Drivers: 2.75-inch aramid fiber woofers, ¾-inc silk dome tweeters | Supported Connectivity: Advanced Bluetooth Wireless | Audio Inputs: 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, stereo RCA, USB | Outputs: RCA variable line-out, 3.5mm mini-jack headphone out

• Low latency

• Wired connections available

• Beautiful design

• Not the cheapest

Wireless speakers might not make the cut for gaming, where every millisecond counts, but that’s why you should opt for the AudioEngine HD 3. The beauty of these speakers is that it offers the best of both worlds. They’ve only got about 30ms of latency when using the wireless connection, so latency is practically negligible as far as listening to audio, watching videos and doing casual gaming. For competitive gamers, these also have USB Audio and Dual Analog Audio Inputs, not to mention subwoofer output for that extra rumble. And, since it is made by AudioEngine, you know the sound quality is top-notch.


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